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Unbalanced Investment Portfolios

By Alan Gassman | February 24, 2018

Statistical studies show that a diversified portfolio of investments will generally out perform a non-diversified portfolio, with significantly less risk. Many successful clients own investment real estate, mutual funds allocated among the various classes of stock investments, and bond funds or CDs. It almost never makes sense for anyone to put all of their eggs…

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Doing Business with the Wrong People

By Alan Gassman | February 20, 2018

Unfortunately, crime, and also deceitful or misleading behavior can be lucrative for the “bad or careless actor,” and these individuals are often found courting doctors to do business and investment transactions or to provide consulting services. Since the overwhelming majority of doctors are very honest and do not have formal business training, it is not…

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Do You Own Your Practice, or Does Your Practice Own You?

If you’ve ever dreamed of growing your practice, but were afraid the lifestyle costs to your time and family would be too high, then this book will transform how you approach running your medical practice.

David Finkel  |  Dr. Pariksith Singh, MD  |  Alan Gassman, JD, LLM